Boomtown Rats

By 1st October 2019

Earlham Park Norwich Boomtown Rats Saturday 25th September 2021 Earlham Park Norwich
Saturday 25th September 2021

After last years storming of the Isle of Wight Festival stage an exhilarated Bob Geldof said “It’s weird. I’d forgotten how powerful a band The Rats are!” Others hadn’t. What was only meant to be a brief “re-grouping” turned into a triumphant sell out UK tour, a block-booked 2014 Festival season and the announcement of ëRatlifeí the second half of The Boomtown Ratsí second coming.

Beyond nostalgia both press and audience agreed that those many classic Ratsongs had indeed stood the test of time morphing from the radical, upstart transgressive rage of the mid-70’s into tunes for the ages with a tragic contemporary resonance. The audience, ranging from the Ratsí contemporaries to the newer, younger curious crowd wondering what the fuss had been about, immediately recognised the timeless frustrations and rage of the Now embodied in the Ratsí tunes and performance.

Age had indeed not withered them, but made them more potent. At a time of cookie cutter anodyne musical drivel the visceral Shock of the Old from its original purveyors is one of contemporary musicís great treats and revelations.

  • Wet Wet Wet
  • Boomtown Rats
  • Tony Hadley
  • ABC
  • Howard Jones
  • Sister Sledge
  • Kim Wilde
  • Betty Boo
  • Hue & Cry
  • Big Country
  • Then Jerico
  • Altered Images
  • Sydney Youngblood
  • The Gibson Brothers
  • Fiction Factory
  • Modern Romance
  • Odyssey

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